nova naturstroum fund: Enhance your renewable energy projects

Through incentives, the nova naturstroum fund supports projects or studies carried out in Luxembourg that demonstrate a commitment to the environment.


Enovos’ commitment to the environment is worthwhile. In 2005, Enovos took the initiative to create the nova naturstroum fund, an investment fund aimed at promoting studies or investment projects based on the development of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and environmental technologies in Luxembourg. The nova naturstroum fund is also part of the Enovos Foundation, which promotes know-how and technologies that stand out for their sustainability.

Today, it is important to turn to renewable energies, which are cleaner, safer and more economical, to build the energy mix of tomorrow. By taking part in these environmentally friendly ways you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, to the respect of the environment and to local development.

As a national leader in the field of energy, Enovos has defined environmental protection as one of the major pillars of its strategy. Enovos grants incentives to individuals, municipalities, companies and other public actors to support their renewable energy projects.

Annually defined objectives

The objectives of the nova naturstroum fund are defined annually, and the same applies to the premiums:

  • The targeted premium for your sustainable construction projects such as the installation of an ecological heating system (wood heating, heat pump, fuel cell), the installation of thermal solar panels, the installation of a recharging infrastructure or the acquisition of an electric moped.
  • The promotional bonus rewards your ecological and innovative actions promoting renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and environmental technologies in Luxembourg. These are combinations of actions, which by their nature are not eligible for a “targeted premium”.
  • The special award for projects of an exceptional character.

The results obtained are the impressive fruit of 13 years of work. So far:

  • More than 4,000 awards have been applied for since inception.
  • More than €2.5 million in premiums have been paid out.

The nova naturstroum fund has established itself as a driving force for innovation and sustainability and is an interesting tool for those who want to take responsibility for the environment and feel better at home.

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