Leticia do Nascimento - The energy and soul of capoeira

More than a dance, more than a fight, capoeira is not just a sport, but a real culture full of energy. Discover the story of Leticia do Nascimento.

Joy, passion, self-control: for Leticia do Nascimento, capoeira is a true art of living. This mixture of combat sports and African dances has its roots in Brazil, at the time of slavery.

The energy that comes from this mixture of genres can be found in Leticia. A Luxembourger of Cape Verdean origin, mother and top sportswoman, “Pernas” (editor’s note: Laetitia’s capoeira pseudonym which means “leg” in Portuguese) shows us through her personality, her roots and her history what we all have in common: several cultures, several traditions, several facets that make us who we are. All it takes is heart and energy to make your dreams come true and to surpass yourself at every moment.

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