Discover the unique story of this pair of merry men who visit us every December 6th…

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The temperature outside is dropping, the chocolates in the shape of fir trees and the illuminated decorations featuring Arctic fauna are on sale (editor’s note: and almost already out of stock), the first Jingle Bells are ringing out on the radio and small wooden chalets are beginning to be erected in the squares of the country’s main towns… there’s no doubt about it: the end-of-year festivities are fast approaching!

But what would December in Luxembourg be without this emblematic figure, jovial and plump, all dressed in red, wandering around schools and supermarkets on a donkey alongside his dark, gloomy sidekick.

Yes, the Kleeschen and the Houseker, a duo as unlikely as they are inseparable, are as essential as mulled wine in this season! But what do we really know about them?

Discover the story of these colourful characters while waiting to meet them (or not) at home on 6 December!

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