Kids Corner: Acting sustainably: a piece of cake!

Avoid waste, consume local products, save energy: We all need to act sustainably. But to do so, we and future generations need to learn the right practices. Isn’t it our children who are already setting us a good example?

What exactly is sustainability?

Acting sustainably means taking care of the environment and natural resources in order to protect our planet and its inhabitants in the long run. To do this, we need to fight global warming and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions; but we also need to produce less waste and focus on renewable energy.

But it is not just a matter of raising awareness of the issue among states and polluting industries. Everyone can act sustainably. Because even if we can’t change the climate situation overnight, every small gesture counts. Small actions together add up to something big and important.

Sustainability and children

Sustainable action starts at home!

There are a multitude of small ecological gestures that, if applied daily, can make a difference. It is not difficult to show our children how to do this and to encourage them to do the same. Even the youngest imitate us: so it’s up to us to set a good example for them!

If we teach our children to produce less waste, to consume more consciously (by giving preference to natural, regional and seasonal products), to avoid waste and to respect people and animals, this attitude will soon become normal for them too.

Kids Corner: Our children as role models

Sustainability education already seems to be bearing fruit! We got into conversation with the next generations and found out their opinion on the subject. We showed them “a bad example” and are fascinated by their reactions.

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