Even if the confinement is not the dolce farniente we used to dream of, it nevertheless helps us to appreciate the little things in life.


No more concerts, no more movies, no more restaurants or dinners with friends, no more after-works with colleagues, no more afternoons in the playground, no more trips… it’s true that between home-schooling, telecommuting and the same 4 walls to contemplate all day long, it’s enough to make you depressed…?

If someone had told me a month ago that I would have to stay at home without seeing anyone, I admit that at times I would have seen it as a blessing? the morning traffic jams (and again in the evening), the crowded supermarkets on Saturday mornings, the back and forth between football training, swimming pool and piano lessons, the race to prepare a balanced meal after a day’s work because the kids have to be in bed by 7pm and we were stuck in a meeting until 5.30pm? a break would have been welcome… except that now we’re really there! And – let’s be honest – this has absolutely nothing to do with the dolce farniente of my dreams! (Just goes to show that you always have to be careful what you wish for, because one day it might well happen…)

But let’s stop complaining. We are all in the same boat (on the verge of a nervous breakdown, of course…) and we only have to look at our Facebook feed to discover new waves of solidarity and creative ideas every day. So let’s get creative and list the positive things we’ve learned in the last few weeks… :

  • I made (and ate) 137 cookies
  • I ironed ZERO shirts
  • My dental appointment was cancelled
  • I haven’t seen my colleagues in their pyjamas yet
  • I have a thousand ideas for the colour of the living room walls (from toasted marshmallow pink to Amazonian fir green to Caribbean forget-me-not blue)
  • The IKEA catalogue no longer holds any secrets for me?
  • Without the daily commute to work, I have already saved more than 2 tanks of petrol (I invested almost all the amount saved in delicious but expensive chocolate Easter eggs to support local crafts)
  • I manage to participate in 14 What’s App conversations in parallel without ever getting the wrong recipients while making Facetime calls with my parents✍️
  • Besides, now that I call them every day, my parents are much less critical of me for not checking in with them often enough ☎️
  • I got a sunburn on my forehead (although my dermatologist will disagree with me completely, I think it’s positive because it means I was able to sit on the terrace to write this article) ☀️

Need more tips on how to look on the bright side of life? The Enovos staff will help you keep your spirits up on our Facebook page.

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