Fatima Rougi - a modern and energetic feminist

In 2021, is it still relevant to talk about feminism? The answer is very clearly: YES!

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In 2021, is it still relevant to talk about feminism? The answer is clearly YES! The right to vote, professional life, autonomy, sexuality… each decade brings new battles against inequalities and stereotypes that – unfortunately – persist in everyday life.

At home and at work, equal opportunities are not yet achieved…

The year 2020 has shown us that women are more vulnerable to the economic effects of Covid, and this is – inevitably – due to the many existing inequalities linked to our professions. Indeed, we see an over-representation of women in professional sectors particularly affected by the crisis. ☹

But where does this over-representation come from?

Unfortunately, the answer seems simple to me: it comes from stereotypes linked to the so-called abilities of girls or boys that dictate their behaviour since education… Girls are gentle, composed, empathetic and directed towards professions in the service, social, cultural sector. Boys, on the other hand, are strong, more daring, more gifted in technology and will therefore find their place in more scientific or technical professions.

What can we do about it?

Let’s give our children a neutral education! Let’s not let stereotypes guide their learning. Let’s encourage our girls to jump as high as boys, to run as fast as boys and to achieve the same dreams. Race car driver, astronaut or electrical engineer 😉

Enovos is committed to defending these values of equality on a daily basis and promoting varied professional careers for all, without bias or stereotypes.

And because at Enovos we are feminists, it seemed obvious to us to give the floor to Fatima Rougi, a feminist full of energy who also fights against inequalities with tenacity!

Discover this dynamic woman, thanks to whom today, sanitary products are no longer considered as “luxury” products and are now (finally!) taxed as basic necessities!

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