Dina Nimax - energy transition, a family story

The energy transition is also a story of the heart. Discover the portrait of this natural and committed young woman following in the responsible footsteps of her parents.

#this is my story

We have all – at some point in our childhood – perceived our parents as strange and embarrassing: “Why can’t they do what everyone else does and be normal parents? But sometimes these ‘quirks’ make sense. These actions and behaviours are thoughtful and deserve our full attention, respect and are worth reproducing.

Sorting waste, avoiding all kinds of waste, saving energy are just a few examples to follow in order to lead a responsible and sustainable lifestyle. The protection of our natural resources and environment should be part of everyone’s daily life, and it is the role of parents to pass on this important message to their children. And what may seem like “extravagances” to the youngest are actually examples to follow. Dina understands this. Conscious energy use is part of her story and she is now proud to follow in her father’s footsteps towards a more sustainable future.

Discover Dina’s story, and let yourself be seduced by this natural and committed young woman.

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