10 outdoor activities to educate your children about sustainable living

Would you like to make your children aware of the need to respect nature and teach them a more sustainable lifestyle? Discover 10 ideas for outdoor activities to do with them.

Would you like to make your children aware of the need to respect nature and teach them a more sustainable lifestyle? Discover 10 ideas for outdoor activities to do with them.

Children are shaping our world of tomorrow. At a time when climate change is a pressing issue, it is essential that we, as adults, teach our youngest children to respect our environment and to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Here are 10 simple activities to do with them in the fresh air!

1. Cycle or walk to school

If you live within a reasonable distance of your child’s school, leave the car in the garage and swap it for a bike, scooter or even your feet! Do the same for all short trips: to the bakery, the post office, a neighbour’s house, etc.

It’s great for the environment, but it’s also essential for children’s physical development. Because your child will have learned to use this mode of travel when possible, he or she will be more likely to repeat it as an adult.

Did you know?

If you drive 2 km in the city with a medium-sized car, you generate about 250 g of CO2. By bike, scooter or on foot, 0!

2. Grow your own fruit and vegetables

Would you like to start a vegetable garden? Consider including your children in this project! Sow the seeds, water, clean up, and harvest.

Children really enjoy gardening and watching their own plants grow. Through this activity, you can teach them a lot of things: the life cycle of a plant, the seasonality of fruits and vegetables, how to take care of a plantation, etc. Children will also be more likely to taste the fruit and vegetables they have grown themselves.

If you do not have enough outdoor space to create a large vegetable garden, you can also grow some plants in containers on your balcony or on a windowsill.

3. Plant a tree

In the same vein, you can also plant a tree with your child, the tree of their choice, which they will see grow with them over the years. This is the perfect opportunity to explain to your child why trees are essential for the environment and for human beings, while developing their green thumb.

4. Make a compost

To enrich the soil in your garden and reduce your household waste, create a compost and teach your children to throw away food scraps that can be composted. Watch how it decomposes and then explain to them what the compost can be used for.

5. Harvest rainwater

To provide water for your vegetable garden or flowers, you can create a simple rainwater harvesting system with your child. This is a fun way to raise awareness of the importance of water while reducing water consumption in your household.

6. Attract bees to your garden

Bees play a crucial role in preserving our environment. With the help of your children, you can plant honey flowers in your garden or on your balcony, while explaining to them what they are used for and why it is important to protect the endangered bee species.

7. Help animals get through the winter

Other animals, such as birds, butterflies and ladybirds, also play an important role in maintaining the balance of our environment. But for these small animals, winter can be particularly harsh. Help them to protect themselves by installing nesting boxes or an insect hotel.

8. Hunt for rubbish

From an early age, teach your children not to throw away their rubbish in nature but to use the appropriate bins.

Better still, some municipalities regularly organise days dedicated to collecting waste in nature. Don’t hesitate to participate with your children. You can also implement the same idea when you go for a walk with your family. Get a bin bag and gloves and collect as much rubbish as you can together. Who will be the biggest litter picker at the end of the walk?

9. Visit local producers

Luxembourg has a large number of local producers. Take your children shopping there, go to your local market and buy local and seasonal products directly. This way, you can teach your children to consume more responsibly.

10. Observe nature

Encourage your children to go outside. They can observe a variety of phenomena that will make them aware of the nature around them. See how streams are formed, how birds build their nests, how the leaves on trees change with the seasons. When it’s in season, don’t hesitate to pick mushrooms, chestnuts or other fruits and vegetables with your family (but check the mushrooms thoroughly first!).

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